Olympic Fever can only be cured by Physiotherapy

Who will benefit from the Olympics?

Olympic Fever is due to hit the UK at any time. And given that fevers make people do funny things, this particular one is bound to ignite something crazy throughout the country. Our guess is it will send a surge of newly and temporarily exercise mad people out onto the streets. Besides the obvious dangers of pavement and park overcrowding, shops running out of headbands and sweatbands, and the sheer weight and pressure exerted on an Earth not normally expecting so many joggers at one time, I think there is one potential danger we have all overlooked. (Or at least most of us have.)

Injuries. Muscles and joints that have spent years gathering dust aren’t best prepared for their owners sudden attempts to replicate Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, or worse Usain Bolt. And these attempts could create a month to remember for one sector of industry which may not have been expecting it.

The Olympics will be great for physiotherapists. You heard it here first. When the first run in years is accompanied by a twang and a sudden sharp pain in the leg, arm, foot, back, shoulder or knee, the country will be inundated with swarms of hobblers suddenly on the lookout for somewhere or someone to ease their aches and pains.

If you are a physio, make sure you’re ready. Ready to witness jam packed waiting rooms, phones ringing off the hook. But despite the constant demand you find yourself in, you may be reluctant to take on extra staff. Extra staff can mean extra costs that you just can’t justify. Another option is Great Connexions. Great Connexions can provide you with an extra pair of hands as and when you need them (even if they’re not as skilled as your own, we suggest using your own hands for the physiotherapy, and our hands for minding the office). And we can do much more than mind the office, Great Connexions Clinic Management Service offers exactly what you would expect, a service to manage your clinic…

  • Personal Named PAs for every client
  • Answer your calls in your company name
  • Manage your diary and arrange appointments
  • Familiarise themselves with your clients and their needs
  • Liaise with other healthcare personnel
  • Handle insurance referrals
  • Follow-up appointments

Call us today to find out more about how Great Connexions can help you manage and grow your practise all year round…not just through the unprecedented Olympic period.

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