Are you ready for the Diamond Jubilee?

How will you be spending the Diamond Jubilee?

You should be. You’ve only had 60 years notice! But is your business prepared to cope with four full days of closure.

It may not seem drastic, but if your business is relying on money coming in a day to day basis, the extended holiday could be a disaster for your cash flow.

Each Bank Holiday costs the UK economy £2.3 billion, according to figures produced by The Centre for Economics and Business Research. That’s nearly 5 billion pounds over the Jubilee. How much of that is lost from your company’s coffers? And how much could be saved or recouped by keeping your business open to potential new business? Or responding to current clients? Just because you’re not there, it doesn’t mean no one will want to talk to you.

Of course the Jubilee won’t be all bad for business. Flag flyers and bunting producers will be counting their lucky stars, while the entertainment and leisure industries will profit. However the CEBR figures also reveal that only 15% of the economy will benefit, while a staggering 45% will suffer thanks to celebrations. And the industry that suffers most is the service industry.

Make sure your business doesn’t suffer in the holiday period. Keep it open and functioning with Great Connexions Holiday Cover, Telephone Answering Services, or even create more business with our Tele-Marketing Service.

Don’t rely on your answer phone. 70% of callers won’t leave a message.

How much is just one missed call worth to your business?

Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from Great Connexions range of services.

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