Telephone Answering

How much is a missed call worth to your business?

Quite simply, if your business is closed to incoming calls, even if it is just for a few hours, potential clients may assume you are not interested in their custom or (especially in today’s economic climate) that your company no longer exists.

According to a leading telecommunications services company, 70% of callers prefer to hang up than leave a message on voicemail and it is likely that they will not call back.

Don’t lose business to your competitors. At Great Connexions, we don’t just answer calls; we become an integral part of your business, helping you to portray the most professional image to your clients and prospective clients alike.

Allocating just two to three named PAs to answer all calls for your business, our team get to know your clients just as they would if they were employed to take calls from your office.

From as little as £10 per week, your own Great Connexions PA can answer calls in your company name, become familiar with your products, services and customers, manage your diary and relay messages to you via email, text message or fax, passing urgent queries straight through to your telephone.

Our telephone answering service is as personal as your business. We can even allocate you with a local telephone number, giving your company local presence but with the hidden advantage of having it ring anywhere you want it to!

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