Business Continuity

Great Connexions Disaster Recovery Service

How we can help your business with the unexpected

Sometimes really bad things like a fire or flood happen that can cause significant chaos to the running of a business but thankfully incidents like these are rare and of course hard to plan for.

With all businesses now being so computer dependent it is essential to have back-up for IT networks, the loss of which is of course unthinkable, but how many people plan for the loss of their telephone system?

Unexpected power cuts and staff absence can paralyse a business and halt a days work or sometimes much longer. Companies who really need to have their phone lines active all the time could suffer a sizeable loss in revenue that few can afford to contemplate.

A power failure could disable busy phone lines with often no clear indication of service being resumed swiftly.

Similarly seasonal sickness in an office can mean that telephones are left unanswered and with research showing that the vast majority of callers are reluctant to leave voicemail messages this could mean a booking or sale missed and in the hands of a competitor.

Great Connexions can provide a bespoke continuity plan that can be promptly put into action as soon as an event like this happens. A fixed-price stand-alone-policy with a personal, professional and dedicated answering service that will immediately begin fielding your calls right from the moment you need it to.

From just £249 per year the Great Connexions Business Continuity Plan includes:

  • A dedicated telephone line tailored to handle your company’s calls.
  • Calls will be answered in your company name and detailed messages forwarded by e-mail, text or fax along with caller’s name and contact details.
  • Throughout the downtime your unique personal relationship with our PAs will ensure that the service can accommodate changes during the emergency and according to need.

For an additional £95 the service can include an emergency SMS text message or email to 500 clients within minutes of you contacting us with news of the problem and again when service returns to normal.

So in the face of unexpected and sometimes costly interruptions, the Great Connexions Business Continuity Plan provides peace of mind and an essential survival strategy that ensures that your telephones need never stop ringing.

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