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How much does the Great Connexions service cost?

All Great Connexions’ services are very clearly priced, and start at just £35 +vat per month – that’s just over £8 per week for the peace of mind that every one of your calls will be answered.


Won’t callers just leave a message on my answer phone?

For many small businesses the answer phone can be more of a hindrance than a help. Research has shown that more than 70% of people won’t leave a message – they will simply hang up and call a competitor. How many times have you hung up before leaving a message?


Why do I need it if I have a mobile phone?

You’re in a meeting with a client, have a poor signal or just can’t get to your phone – you’d be surprised at the amount of calls you miss or deal with ineffectively. Most of our clients have mobile phones and use them to very good effect, using their Great Connexions Personal Assistant when they are busy or in a poor reception area. If an urgent call comes in we can send a ‘text to mobile’ message to alert them of the details.


Won’t people just call back if they can’t get an answer?

Quite simply – no.  In today’s economic climate your caller may assume you have closed the business, or simply don’t want to take their call.


What if I need a call transferred?

Subject to your instructions, your personal PA can transfer your calls to any UK landline or mobile for you


Won’t my caller know they are not getting me direct?

This is where Great Connexions really excels. We are the only national provider of telephone answering services who actually name the PA who will be taking the clients calls. Our PA builds knowledge of the client’s business and becomes an asset to the company.


What if the call is to place an order?

Many of our customers use Great Connexions to receive calls from their customers who want to place orders. Your personal PA will efficiently take orders, including credit card details where necessary. You will need to have your own merchant account set up with the credit card company but we can obtain the details over the phone from any customers calling to place an order and pay by credit or debit card. Charges for this will vary depending on how many details you need us to gather and thus how long the process takes.

What if the call is to make an appointment?

Not a problem! Great Connexions offer an online Diary Management system. We login and access your diary to make appointments for you in real time and you can access the system anywhere at any time. This service is for use by Great Connexions clients who have requested the service as part of one of our Telephone Answering Packages. It costs just £19+VAT per month


Can you answer for more than one company?

If you have more than one company or business name and you would like us to answer calls in different company names, we are happy to do this. There is a small extra charge each month but it is far more cost-effective than having to set up separate accounts for each company.


Can you take faxes for my business?

Customers who choose to use the Great Connexions telephone answering service can also elect to have one of our special fax-to-email numbers. This means you can advertise a fax number but receive all your faxes via email. We can even set up non-geographic numbers so that your telephone and fax numbers are a matching pair.

Can I extend the service to cover holidays and sickness?

Our business contingency plans can offer instant cover. You may have holidays planned, staff calling in sick or even short-term emergencies like power failure. One call to your Great Connexions PA will put you straight back in business.


Will my Great Connexions PA make outgoing calls?

If you can’t or don’t want to make those follow-up, chase or sales calls your fully-trained Great Connexions PA will do it for you at exceptionally competitive rates. Contact us to find out more.

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