The ringing telephone at Buckingham Palace

Isn’t it fantastic seeing the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee tour, making the day for hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Not for us. We see the Queen travelling the length and breadth of the country, waving serenely at her people, and one thought fills our heads. We keep thinking about how many calls she’s missing!

Even though she’s the Queen so the likelihood is very high that everybody would call back. We keep thinking of the ringing telephone back at Buckingham Palace. Just ringing, unanswered. And that’s a sound we just can’t bear to hear. 70% of callers won’t leave a voicemail if greeted by an answer phone message, although how much those figures change if greeted by “This is Elizabeth II. Me and Phillip. Or rather Phillip and I (it is the Queens English after all) aren’t home at the moment. Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you.” We can’t be sure.

However, if you’re not the Queen, that statistic rings true. 70% of callers won’t leave a voicemail. Who is going to answer your calls over the Diamond Jubilee? Or for that matter who is going to answer your calls whenever you can’t?

How much is just one missed call worth to your business?

People don’t just miss calls on the holidays. How many opportunities is your business missing?

Our 24/7 and Out of Hours Cover service has the benefit of:

  • Maximising sales enquiries
  • Handling emergency calls and responding as necessary
  • Keeping business open to calls from other time zones
  • Avoiding missed opportunities from those who refuse to respond to an automated voicemail system
  • Meeting customer expectation and exceeding customer satisfaction

Contact us today to find out how Great Connexions can help your business.

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Keep it brief: Why struggling to get hold of your lawyer should be a thing of the past

Are you missing opportunities?

It’s time for the first in our new series of ‘Trade Focus’ blogs, looking at the positive effect personal answering services can have on a trade and, in particular, its client base.

“I can’t get hold of my solicitor” “I need some advice and I just can’t seem to get my solicitor on the phone.” “Why does my solicitor not contact me for such long periods of time?”

All common questions, or perhaps common complaints, that many clients have for, or about, their legal representative. Obviously actually speaking to their solicitor would be the top solution for disgruntled clients, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. At these times at least having your presence acknowledged would be a much nicer alternative than hearing…”Hi, this is ‘Your Solicitor’ I can’t take your call right now, please leave a message…”

No matter how good the quality of work you do for them, clients will always factor in your level of personal service when deciding whether to retain your services – or recommend you to friends.

Some people assume that a high level of personal service costs nothing. Wrong. It costs time. Time which some people just can’t seem to find, no matter how hard they try. Nobody wants to leave their clients feeling frustrated, let down, or just not wanted, but hiring extra staff to take care of them just isn’t viable for everybody, especially in the current economic climate.

However Great Connexions’ service isn’t just for when no one is there to answer the phone long term. Short term breaks like holidays or even a tea break can be the time you miss a phone call. An empty desk is an empty desk, whether for five minutes or five days. You never know when that call might come in offering you new business. If you don’t answer it’s unlikely they’ll call back. They’ll usually just pick up the phone and call one of your many competitors.

The same can be said for overflow callers. If you’re lucky enough to be so busy that you or your staff can’t answer every call, you could be missing valuable opportunities.

If only someone could provide a friendly voice on your end of the phone, listen to your clients new and existing, making them feel wanted and valued. All at an affordable price.

We can offer;

  • Overflow facilities – we’ll deal with any calls you can’t answer in busy periods.
  • Holiday Cover – because everyone deserves a break.
  • Contingency planning – it is vital to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Outbound calls – following up leads, securing repeat business, cold calling…let us take care of it for you.
  • 24/7 Answering – never miss another call, no matter what time of the day or night.

How much is one missed call worth to your business? Contact us today to find out more about the range of ways Great Connexions could help your business.

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Are you ready for the Diamond Jubilee?

How will you be spending the Diamond Jubilee?

You should be. You’ve only had 60 years notice! But is your business prepared to cope with four full days of closure.

It may not seem drastic, but if your business is relying on money coming in a day to day basis, the extended holiday could be a disaster for your cash flow.

Each Bank Holiday costs the UK economy £2.3 billion, according to figures produced by The Centre for Economics and Business Research. That’s nearly 5 billion pounds over the Jubilee. How much of that is lost from your company’s coffers? And how much could be saved or recouped by keeping your business open to potential new business? Or responding to current clients? Just because you’re not there, it doesn’t mean no one will want to talk to you.

Of course the Jubilee won’t be all bad for business. Flag flyers and bunting producers will be counting their lucky stars, while the entertainment and leisure industries will profit. However the CEBR figures also reveal that only 15% of the economy will benefit, while a staggering 45% will suffer thanks to celebrations. And the industry that suffers most is the service industry.

Make sure your business doesn’t suffer in the holiday period. Keep it open and functioning with Great Connexions Holiday Cover, Telephone Answering Services, or even create more business with our Tele-Marketing Service.

Don’t rely on your answer phone. 70% of callers won’t leave a message.

How much is just one missed call worth to your business?

Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from Great Connexions range of services.

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Olympic Fever can only be cured by Physiotherapy

Who will benefit from the Olympics?

Olympic Fever is due to hit the UK at any time. And given that fevers make people do funny things, this particular one is bound to ignite something crazy throughout the country. Our guess is it will send a surge of newly and temporarily exercise mad people out onto the streets. Besides the obvious dangers of pavement and park overcrowding, shops running out of headbands and sweatbands, and the sheer weight and pressure exerted on an Earth not normally expecting so many joggers at one time, I think there is one potential danger we have all overlooked. (Or at least most of us have.)

Injuries. Muscles and joints that have spent years gathering dust aren’t best prepared for their owners sudden attempts to replicate Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, or worse Usain Bolt. And these attempts could create a month to remember for one sector of industry which may not have been expecting it.

The Olympics will be great for physiotherapists. You heard it here first. When the first run in years is accompanied by a twang and a sudden sharp pain in the leg, arm, foot, back, shoulder or knee, the country will be inundated with swarms of hobblers suddenly on the lookout for somewhere or someone to ease their aches and pains.

If you are a physio, make sure you’re ready. Ready to witness jam packed waiting rooms, phones ringing off the hook. But despite the constant demand you find yourself in, you may be reluctant to take on extra staff. Extra staff can mean extra costs that you just can’t justify. Another option is Great Connexions. Great Connexions can provide you with an extra pair of hands as and when you need them (even if they’re not as skilled as your own, we suggest using your own hands for the physiotherapy, and our hands for minding the office). And we can do much more than mind the office, Great Connexions Clinic Management Service offers exactly what you would expect, a service to manage your clinic…

  • Personal Named PAs for every client
  • Answer your calls in your company name
  • Manage your diary and arrange appointments
  • Familiarise themselves with your clients and their needs
  • Liaise with other healthcare personnel
  • Handle insurance referrals
  • Follow-up appointments

Call us today to find out more about how Great Connexions can help you manage and grow your practise all year round…not just through the unprecedented Olympic period.

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10 reasons to use Great Connexions

  1. Named PAsGreat Connexions are the only nationwide telephone answering service who actually name and train the people who will take calls on behalf of your business. And it is always a maximum of 2-3 of our friendly, efficient, professional PAs.
  2. You only get one chance to make a first impression – Great Connexions will make sure your business always makes a good one. Don’t waste your first impression with a potential new client on an impersonal answer phone message (although most won’t leave one anyway).
  3. Never miss another call/opportunity again – Every call into your business is a potential opportunity to gain a customer. Every time you miss a call you may as well throw money away. Great Connexions make sure you never miss another call. Ever.
  4. We get to know our clients better than you might expect – Because all your calls are dealt with by the same PAs, they get to know your company as well as a permanent member of your staff would.
  5. Great Connexions go the extra mile for our clients – one of our centres recently helped one of its long term clients with an unusual request. Great Connexions have been answering his calls and arranging his appointments for several years. When his Secretary took an extended holiday, our client asked if his Great Connexions PA would be able to work from his office temporarily. Of course we obliged, and our client could relax, confident in a member of the team he knows and trusts.
  6. Always stay abreast of what is happening in your business. Wherever you are – When we take a message, we will send you a text, email, fax, whatever you choose, to make sure you’re never out of the loop, whether you’re in a meeting, off ill or off on holiday.
  7. Save your business money – Do you need an extra pair of hands to help run your business? Are you put off by the cost of hiring extra staff? Your Great Connexions PAs can deal with calls and other tasks as when you need them from as little as £35 per month.
  8. Enjoy the benefits of a national company along with the personal service of a local presence – Every Great Connexions client has a direct contact at a centre local to you. We take customer service seriously, whether it’s with our clients, or with our clients’ clients.
  9. Get back to what you do best, running your business – Are you spending more time on admin than with clients? Great Connexions PAs can give you back the time to do what you do best, run your business, providing your clients and customers with the specialised service or product you went into business to provide.
  10. We are much more than just an answering service – As well as answering your phones in a friendly and efficient manner, Great Connexions can also provide you with a wide range of services all designed to help grow your business. Tele-Marketing, Diary Management, Office Management, Business Continuity plans, order processing, even debt chasing. Anything we can do to help your business.

How much is just one missed call worth to your business? Contact Us today to find out how Great Connexions’ range of services can help your business.

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