Getting to know you. Getting to know us!

Great Connexions named PAs get to know your business like a member of staff

It’s always nice to see a friendly face. And the same can be said for hearing a friendly voice on the end of the phone. It breeds confidence, and confidence is a great thing for business.

That’s why at Great Connexions we are so proud of our named PAs. They set us apart because our clients love them. We allocate a maximum of 2-3 named PAs to an account, who will deal with all calls and enquiries about your business, allowing our clients to get to know and trust the people representing their company.

It also allows our PAs to get to know your business and become more like a member of staff than outside hire.

So much so that when many of our clients are asked what they like most about the service Great Connexions provides over its competitors, the response is simple: the personal, professional service provided by the Great Connexions unique named PAs.

“Our clients often mention how useful they find knowing the people dealing with their account. The relationships our clients build with their PAs become vital to how they operate, and knowing they can trust them makes them become more like members of staff that hired hands.”

Your Great Connexions PAs get to know the company as well as your own staff. It’s like having all the benefits of an employee, at a fraction of the cost.

How much is a missed call worth to your business? Contact Us today to find out more about the range of services offered by Great Connexions.

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Effects of Holidays hit UK businesses Harder than Ever

Great Connexions can keep your business active even when your office looks like this

A new ruling from the European Court of Justice could cost UK businesses more than £100 million a year. The ruling, which will take effect in October this year gives employees the right to more time off should they fall ill during holidays, and could see the cost and effect of staff holidays hit businesses harder than ever before, at a time when they can ill afford it.

The move to increase staff holiday goes against the trend for small businesses, many of whom have targeted employee holidays as an area to cut costs. According to a MetLife survey published in June last year, 27% of employers feel they are too generous with holidays, with 25% considering cutting paid holidays for their employees.

It is perhaps not surprising that holidays can be seen as a hindrance to some business owners, considering that almost half of SMEs in the last two years have been affected by ‘unanticipated business interruptions’ such as staff holidays, costing an average of £18,600 according to the ‘Risky Business Report’ conducted by RSA.

However members of staff taking time off aren’t the only holidays effecting businesses, this is the time of year when the dreaded Bank Holidays start emptying offices around the country. According to the Confederation of British Industry each Bank Holiday costs the economy £1.5 billion. And while the effects may not be quite as costly for individual businesses, they can be just as drastic.

“Bank Holidays and staff holidays can be a real problem for some of our clients.” Says Chris Grove from Great Connexions, “Especially those who run businesses with a small number of employees. A day off work can have a real impact on how the business runs. Research has shown that 70% of people won’t leave a message on an answer phone, instead they’ll just try somebody else, and how many businesses can honestly afford to be giving away business in this climate, or even at any time. That’s why we offer holiday cover as one of our services, so when businesses are effected by holidays, at least all their incoming calls are answered”

Holiday Cover is just one of the services offered by Great Connexions. We also offer a personal answering service with our unique named PAs, diary management and a host of other services designed to help businesses grow without taking on more members of staff.

How much is a missed call worth to your business? Contact Us today to find out more about the range of services offered by Great Connexions.

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The variability of Easter makes it tough to plan for

Great Connexions can help keep your business in action over Easter

Easter is on its way, which means a great deal of excitement for the nation’s children as they hunt for those magical chocolate eggs. However it also means a great deal of disruption for the nation’s businesses as Bank Holidays, school holidays and staff holidays combine to leave the office half empty every day for two weeks. Not exactly great for clients as calls, questions and queries go unanswered. A recipe for frustration.

Unlike other festive periods, Easter’s tendency to move around can make it especially difficult for businesses to put a regular plan of action in place to deal with holiday disruption. While at Christmas the same routine can be adhered to year after year with necessary changes, Easter is a completely different scenario, creating a stop start time for your business which can feel almost impossible to plan for.

However it is important to have a plan in place each year to cope with the short spell of regular days off. Leaving your clients calls to voice mail will only frustrate them and may even push them into the grateful arms of your competitors. Holiday Cover Service from Great Connexions will ensure your business doesn’t miss a call or an opportunity, allowing your business to run as usual while you and your staff are out enjoying the Easter weekend.

How much is a missed call worth to your business? Contact Us today to find out more about Great Connexions flexible range of services.

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Much more than just a telephone answering service…. Great Connexions are experts in Clinic Management

Specialist site Hospital Doctor estimates that the private healthcare market is worth some £4bn, serving around 13% of the population – around 19% of whom self-pay. Currently there are more than 3000 specialists and consultants with private practices in the UK.

 So how do those statistics relate to Great Connexions and telephone answering? Well, a telephone call is usually the first point of contact when seeking consultation, but as the majority of consultants work part-time they rely on voice mail and that’s not the best first impression for any caller.

 Great Connexions are specialists in working with private consultants and clinics throughout the UK, and we offer much more than a telephone answering service. Great Connexions is the only telephone answering service to allocate named PAs to every client; they get to know the people they work with exceptionally well and as well as being available to take calls inside and outside of office hours, they can make appointments, manage diaries online in real time, answer basic queries (such as directions and parking facilities) and send out literature. Our medical service goes even further and often includes liaising with insurance companies and making outbound calls to patients and suppliers.

 Great Connexions is always on call

 The Essex branch of Great Connexions recently had an unusual request that highlighted the flexibility of our clinic management service.

 One of our clients is a Consultant Gastroenterologist, who we have worked with for several years. His office is generally very busy and we answer calls and arrange appointments that overflow when his Secretary is in and take care of all calls at lunchtime and when she leaves the office at 4pm.

 It’s not unusual for Great Connexions to take calls during staff holidays, but in this instance our client had a special request. His Secretary was due to take an extended holiday and he didn’t want to rely on agency staff – would his Great Connexions PA be able to temporarily work from his office? Of course we obliged and our client was reassured in having a trusted team member that knew his work and systems.

 Great Connexions makes it easy

 You may get calls at any time, but no private practice can justify paying staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and Great Connexions offers the perfect alternative. Our professional PAs are always available, your calls will usually be answered within three rings and we can work with an existing system or set up an online diary management tool. The added benefit is that the Consultant can log in anywhere and view their appointments in real time.There are no set up fees, and you only pay for the services you use. Contact us today to arrange an appointment with your local Great Connexions office and find out more.

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Great Connexions Centre is Voted ‘The UK’s Most Loved Telephone Answering Service’

telephone answering, Great Connexions, SME, award, Business

Chris Munro being presented with the award by Michelle Downey, MD of TheBestOf

For the third successive year, a Great Connexions centre has scooped a national award after being recognised as the ‘UK’s Most Loved Telephone Answering Service’.

The 14 Days of Love campaign, run by business directory TheBestOf encourages people from all over the UK to nominate and leave testimonials for their favourite local businesses and recognise the important contribution independent businesses make to the UK economy. In the year that it took care of its millionth caller, 2012 sees Great Connexions centre, telephone answering and virtual office services company KBVO voted by its customers as the UK’s top telephone answering service for the third year running.

Managing Director Chris Munro, said, ‘We are delighted to be voted as the UK’s most loved telephone answering service, and honoured that more than 100 of our customers took time out to nominate us and write such amazing testimonials. The support virtual offices have provided for businesses has been essential in recent years and our team of dedicated PAs has worked really hard to consistently offer excellent customer service – it’s really rewarding for all of us to have that recognised. We would like to thank all our customers for their nominations and look forward to taking our next million calls.’

The written testimonials from customers nominating KBVO for the award included “Super-efficient and reliable”, “You have changed the way we work”, and “Without my KBVO PAs it would be impossible to run our business as efficiently as we currently do”.

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